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// 馬可蘿蔔 Marco Lopo

新中文爵士 Contemporary Mandarin Jazz

Marco Lopo is not your usual jazz album. In fact, we’re a little reluctant to slap any labels on it. The brainchild of singer/songwriter Dawn Wong and jazz composer/arranger Felix Phang, it fuses beautiful jazz harmonies with pop, folk, rock and classical elements resulting in a!tasty ‘rojak’ (Singaporean salad dish).

This collection of original contemporary Mandarin jazz tunes bears hints of the multicultural metropolis of Singapore. Its lyrics draw inspiration from innocence and the imagination to create a world where rabbits can captain ships and vegetables dance the samba. But take a closer look and you may find it hard to distinguish fact from f!iction.

“With ‘Marco Lopo’, I wanted to tell the stories happening around me - stories about life’s struggles as seen from our tiny Island. Singapore has one of the world’s most open economies, and hence is an ever-evolving melting pot of cultures. The lens through which we see the world is universal, yet unique.” - Dawn Wong

To bring each story to life, Berklee alumnus Felix Phang crafted and arranged each tune, adding details like the woeful howl of an overworked plush bear on Bearst Friends and the aching memory of a lullaby on Elephants Love Stargazing. The resulting music is driven by easily-digestible melodies clothed in harmonic layers and rhythmic textures, bursting with whimsy and wonder.

Live, there is a certain energy and sincerity that the band brings to the stage. Their music sets up a light-hearted atmosphere, almost acting as a decoy for adventurous improvisation by some of Singapore’s most well-regarded names in jazz, collectively christened ‘The Ark Royal’ by vocalist Dawn Wong.

But more than music, this album is about the journey taken together on unpredictable waters and the wonderful experiences along the way. 

曲目 Song List

1/ 果菜桑巴 Veggie Samba
2/ 马可萝卜 Marco Lopo
3/ 大象爱看星星 Elephants Love Stargazing

4/ 最要好的朋友 Bearst Friends
5/ 害羞的刺猬 Shy Hedgehog
6/ 小蜂鸟 Little Hummingbird
7/ 长大 Growing Up
8/ 大城小鼠 Rat in the City
9/ 环保超人 Eco Warrior (ft. The Lost Tribe)

10/ Sweet Dreams

/ 黄川美 Dawn Wong + 阿客号 The Ark Royal


Dawn Wong - 主唱 Vocals
Weixiang Tan - 键盘 Keyboard, 三角铁 Triangle – Track 4,
口风琴 Pianica – Track 3

Alvin Wong - 吉他 Guitars
Felix Phang - 贝司 Double Bass, 合音 Backing Vocals – Track 6
Tama Goh - 鼓 Drums, 打击 Percussion – Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Kailin Yong - 小提琴 Violin – Tracks 3, 7, 9

/ 客 Guests
Keita Ogawa - 打击 Percussion – Tracks 1, 2 
Daniel Wong - 小号 Trumpet – Tracks 1, 5 
Leo Jeoh - 长号 Trombone – Tracks 4, 5, 合音 Backing Vocals – Track 6

Govin Tan* - 塔布拉 Tabla + 打击 Percussion – Track 8
Krsna Tan* - 西塔琴 Sitar – Track 8

* Flame of the Forest
The Lost Tribe of Pulau Gypsy** – Track 10

** Kailin Yong, Alvin Wong & Felix Phang


制作人 Producers - Felix Phang, Dawn Wong 黄川美, Kailin Yong

发行 Distribution - Motif Music /

混音 Mixing - Roger Low

母带处理 Mastering - Audio Animals

绘画 Illustration - Vashon Tnee, Dawn Wong 黄川美

设计 Design - Ivan Lee, Dawn Wong 黄川美


© 2016 Dawn Wong 黄川美. All rights reserved. 

// 果菜桑巴 Veggie Samba

詞/曲: Dawn Wong 黃川美

編曲: Felix Phang

蕃茄圆滚滚 红颜像娃娃

太阳爷爷宠 甜美自然生发


芹菜高又壮 呛味不受爱

烩久精华香 品尝后可别惊讶






蔬菜水果 都来桑巴

蔬菜水果 都来桑巴



蕃茄圆滚滚 芹菜高又壮

欢庆嘉年华 大家一起来桑巴

Track Story:

Veggie Samba is a festival of vegetables! Cherubic tomatoes, primed by Grandpa sun, kick up their heels to the bodacious beat. Enigmatic celery, slim, spicy and sweet, capers with agile eggplants, whilst saucy sweet potatoes sway and twinkle-toed turnips shout “bom dia”! Go on, take a bite! Flavours and textures explode on the palate like party confetti as our garden greens celebrate. Mother always said to eat your vegetables. 

Veggie Samba

// 馬可蘿蔔 Marco Lopo

词: Dawn Wong 黄川美, Kailin Yong

曲 / 编曲: Felix Phang


相隔十万八千里 渴望海风的气息

跳出围墙写游记 马可萝卜小兔子传奇


一身雪白毛衣裳 背负父母的重望

内陆天堂 不如航海梦想


德拉克 麦哲伦 环绕世界 哥伦布发现新大陆
郑和 马可波罗 等英雄 昨日的伟大成就 都是它的榜样


随波浪 掀浪花 借风 扬起帆 徜徉 驰骋浩瀚大海

随波浪 掀浪花 蓝天 乘风破浪 心跳 就是它的罗盘 

Track Story:


In the small, landlocked rabbit town of The Burrow lives Marco Carrot, a small rabbit with big dreams. Marco’s father, Senõr Carrot, is a carrot farmer, just like his father and his father’s father. Senõr Carrot has dedicated his whole life to the succu- lent, orange produce that is his pride and joy, and the day will soon come when Marco will take over the reins to continue his family’s legacy. But Marco has other desires. As a little bunny, he read about the travels of Marco Polo, and his ardent hope is to captain a ship and explore the world like his namesake. Will he be dissuaded by those who say that the sea, wild and dangerous, is not the place for a little rabbit, a rabbit who was destined for the carrot fields? 

Marco Lopo

// 大象愛看星星 Elephants Love Stargazing

词: Dawn Wong 黄川美 

曲 / 编曲: Felix Phang


小小 甜心 你可曾听说


当你 孤寂 抬头望一望天

上空有颗 妈妈的星星 她也在想着妳


旭日一如往常 树上的鸟儿会唱

心中的伤 若没谁明了 有我在你身旁



云雾 遮拦 也不需要惆怅

只要你牢记 妈妈的星星 永远住在心里 

Track Story:

A baby African elephant has lost his mother, who was hunted for her tusk. His Aunt, a wise old dame, calls him to her side and gently wipes away his tears. “When I was a wee calf like you,” she says, in a voice like the caress of a gentle breeze, “my grandmother told me that all the stars in the sky are the souls of elephants who have gone to heaven. The brave and kind ones, like your mother, shine the brightest. So whenever you feel lonely, just look up at the sky and you will see your mother’s star shining for you, and know then that you are not alone.” 

Elephants Love Stargazing

// 最要好的朋友 Bearst Friends

词: Dawn Wong 黄川美

曲 / 编曲: Felix Phang

其他玩具用忌妒眼神看我 它们羡慕我这绒毛熊

样子虽然不出众却被选中 成为主人最要好的朋友


谁会了解我每天都 不眠和不休

提心吊胆何时被摔丢 什么暑假年假周末 都没有



有一天我会退休 重获我的自由

到时候我会宠自己 我会去看电影 晒太阳 喝鸡尾酒

Oh 还要挨多久 Oh 快无法承受



Track Story:


A plush bear walks into a bar, looking worse for wear, and orders his usual. It’s the same old story. Work has been rough for the owner’s favourite toy. He gets thrown around on a whim, works twice as hard during the summer holidays, and hasn’t had a weekend off in, well, ever. Shunned by his fellow toys for being the favourite, he shares his troubles with bartender Ken. 

Bearst Friends

// 害羞的刺蝟 Shy Hedgehog

词: Dawn Wong 黄川美, Kailin Yong

曲 / 编曲: Felix Phang




害羞的刺猬 渴望和同学一起玩

却怕被拒绝 总是缩成一团


营火会的晚上 围着熊熊的火焰

大伙儿欢歌儿欢唱 笑声如铃响

也许就在今夜 刺猬能卸下盔甲

挺起胸膛 不再惆怅


害羞的刺猬 快乐操纵在你手上

打开心窗 让生命充满阳光

挺起胸膛 打开心窗


Find it in your heart, it’s in your heart

(Hannah, Oh) 

Track Story:

Hannah is like every other child except for one thing – she is painfully shy. When her nerves get the better of her, which is often, Hannah instinctively curls into a ball. A tight, prickly, spiny ball. Hannah is a hedgehog you see, and this issue of shy- ness is a thorn in her side, if you know what I mean. Tonight is the school’s annual campfire party, and Hannah desperately wants to play with the other children. Will she find the courage to overcome her fears or will she repel them as always? 

Shy Hedgehog

// 小蜂鳥 Little Hummingbird

词: Dawn Wong 黄川美, Kailin Yong

曲: Dawn Wong 黄川美 编曲:Felix Phang


小蜂鸟 颤动小翅膀 飞遍四面八方

小蜂鸟 一身华贵玲珑 却得为存亡奔波








Track Story:


As soon as the sun rises, our little feathered friend gets to work, for the early bird gets the nectar. He is constantly on the move, seeking new sources of nourishment, neither resting nor giving up until the day is done. The hummingbird, a tiny war- rior, his days governed by his fierce survival instinct and never by fear. Even the tiniest creatures can achieve great things. 

Little Hummingbird

// 長大 Growing Up

词: Dawn Wong 黄川美, Kailin Yong

曲 / 编曲: Felix Phang


第一次抱进我怀里 小脸颊贴我心

端详你的大眼小鼻 我的完美奇迹


转眼间我的小精灵 长大上学去

学习中遇上了难题 有我为你打气


没有谁能长青 世间万变瞬息

相片 纪念品 留不住光阴


看你因失恋而哭泣 心酸却又无力

原来我的完美奇迹 已经长大添翼

没有谁能长青 世间万变瞬息

相片 纪念品 不如此时珍惜


如今我的完美奇迹 也有了小精灵

这就是生命的规律 庆幸我能经历


待一天随天使飞去 我依然深感激

用生命交换了奇迹 是一生的福气 

Track Story:

It seems like only yesterday when you were a babe in arms, gazing up at me with your large, sleepy eyes, wiggling that perfect button nose. In a blink of those eyes, you were off to school and I determined that I would always be here for you. Then the day inevitably arrived, the day when a boy broke your heart, and I knew then that my baby girl was no longer a baby. Mercilessly, the years slipped by, and once again, I hold a precious life in these same arms, looking down at a grin that so resembles yours. Mine has been a life well-lived, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Growing Up

// 大城小鼠 Rat in the City

词:Dawn Wong 黄川美

曲 / 编曲:Felix Phang

树木威风似守殿 花草依风舞翩跹

这是天上人间 天上人间


美景虽然在眼前 他的心田 长满思念

故乡情鼠美如仙 千里姻缘一线牵

在这天上人间 天上人间 他的心田 长满思念


汗水浇灌 心血滋养

穷山沟 变成 米粮川

为了她 多辛酸 都不怕

宏伟建筑绕岸嵌 水面反射光耀眼

在这天上人间 天上人间

他的心田 长满思念

天上人间 在她身边 

Track Story:


This is the tale of a hopeful little rat who has come from his hometown in rural India to seek his fortunes in Singapore. As the bus trundles through the city, the little rat presses his nose up against the window, eagerly taking in the sights of paradise. He observes handsome trees that line the roads like palace guards, flora and fauna dancing joyfully in the wind, magnificent buildings that dot the shore, and their dazzling reflections in Marina Bay. This is indeed heaven on earth, yet his heart pines only for his love at home. His paradise is by her side. 

Rat in the City

// 環保超人 Eco Warrior

词 / 曲 / 编曲:Kailin Yong

不等长大了 全球在暖化

天空破大洞 冰川在融化

垃圾堆成山 太平洋里成小岛

塑胶埋土里 种不出果菜和鲜花


眼睁睁看着 万亩雨林消失了

蓝天与白云 将成为传说和童话

四海五湖当粪池 鱼儿受不了

钢筋水泥的丛林里 无家可归的小鸟


净化 绿化 再循环 奋不顾身

扭转乾坤 净化 绿化 再循环

You can call me 环保超人


不等长大了 戴上 绿披肩为豪

低炭特异功能 保护地球为傲

修补大气层 不坐大汽车

植树又造林 确保下一代空气好 

Track Story:

Everyday, trash is dumped into our oceans, at the expense of our animal friends. We grow plastic mountains instead of fruit and flowers. But we can make a difference to prevent blue skies and greenery from becoming a page in the history books. Inspired by a true story of a young boy who wakes before dawn to clear trash for recycling in his apartment block. 

Eco Warrior

// Sweet Dreams

词: Dawn Wong 黄川美

曲 / 编曲: Felix Phang

Sweet dreams my baby, for now, goodnight

Come tomorrow, wonders will quench your eyes


Sweet dreams my baby, for now, goodnight

Till the morrow, the darkness is my disguise


Ribbons of light colour morning skies

Splashes of life ink your canvas of white


So sweet dreams my baby, for now, goodnight

Sweet dreams, surrender and close your eyes

Sweet dreams my baby, for now, goodnight

Sweet dreams, surrender and close your eyes

Teddy is by your side
Stars will be shining bright 

Sweet Dreams
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